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I like to call my profession art and I don't consider it overestimated with this title. I feel flattered that there are so many people who choose to wear my artwork of Permanent Makeup on their face. This is one of the reasons why I do not use a standard template or measurements for my work. Human faces are very diverse, impossible to fit even in a thousand templates, and natural asymmetries can not be measured with a ruler. There are asymmetries in relief, whose experience, accumulated information and aesthetic sense help us to apply all sorts of tricks to hide imperfections. I respect a set of rules and it is no coincidence that I choose the shapes for my clients. I adapt a different shape for each one depending on many aspects, taking into account her style, what she wants and what I think is right for her. You are welcome to book a consultation in my Clinic.


Permanent Makeup Master

I am a person who does not take the information ready, I test and observe what happens in various situations. Due to this principle, I am constantly evolving and improving, I believe in evolution and in the fact that my own actions influence the course of my career, that is why I am very dedicated to my work. At the moment my big passion is eyebrow micropigmentation. It is my soul powder technique, I have embraced a set of principles and some techniques that I prefer that give my works an unmistakable signature. Everything you are looking in terms of Permanent Makeup & Microblading you can find in my Clinic.

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To enhance beauty and confidence in our clients by ongoing education, new technology and years of experience using superior products.

5star rated Beauty Clinic.

MASTER Permanent makeup specialist Alina Savlovschi based in Birmingham provides Microblading, Powder- Ombre, Lip Blush and Eyeliner. 5 Star Rated.

5star rated Beauty Clinic.

Permanent makeup treatments are performed using a digital machine that implants hypoallergc pharmaceutic grade pigments in the skin.

5star rated Beauty Clinic.